Kentucky Film and TV Pitch Events

Anyone can attend but must register! These are great for actors, crew, writers, etc to network and learn how to get funders, talent, above the line attached to your project. Keep scrolling to find  information about quarterly pitch sessions.

These events are separate from She Dreams productions and are meant to help develop the Kentucky Film and TV creative side. Submitted scripts and pitches do not have to be female forward.

Quarterly Pitch Events

June Panelists

Frank Dietz

Frank Dietz has found success in the film industry as a writer, producer, director, actor and animator. He starred in a series of now-cult low-budget horror films in the eighties and wrote many screenplays for independent productions before evolving into an animation artist, director/producer. Dietz has made significant contributions to the animation industry through characters you know and love such as Mulan, Hercules, and Tarzan. You can find his works on IMDB or

Bryn Silverman

Bryn is a producer and director based in Louisville, KY. Recently, she produced Tidal (DOC NYC, 2023), was a field producer on Paula Eiselt’s Under G-d (Sundance, 2023) and an editor on This World is Not My Own (SXSW, 2023.) She was a story producer on Amend: The Fight for America, a six part Netflix documentary series about the impact of the 14th Amendment. She was also an editor on the feature documentary Roll Red Roll. Her work was honored at the 2018 Webby’s in the category “best film – public service & activism.” She is a Southern Producers’ Lab Fellow with the New Orleans Film Society and one of four selected to participate in the Oxford Film Festival Female Filmmaker Retreat. She is currently producing Riley Hooper’s Vestibule, for which she won the New Visions Forum pitch at Ji.hlava Film Festival. She is also producing the feature documentary Pinball (dir. Naveen Chaubal) with ITVS and The People Could Fly (dir. Imani Dennison) with POV and Chicken & Egg. She graduated from the production track at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and is an Associate Programmer for the Tribeca Film Festival.

James Michael Marshall

James Michael Marshall is an actor, writer, producer, director well-represented by managers, entertainment lawyers, and agents in Hollywood. With a knack for pitching shows and crafting captivating decks and sizzle reels for projects, he’s become well-versed in the dos and don’ts of the industry. His latest deck and sizzle reel are in the hands of a major network, eagerly awaiting pairing with an executive producer. While he maintains his artist residency for JCPS and Simmons College of KY, his heart remains in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment world.

Quarterly Pitch Events –

Whether you need to attach talent, find funding, or get distribution, this industry revolves around your ability to pitch your ideas effectively!

Who: Writers, actors, above and below the line crew, potential investors, enthusiasts, or those curious about Kentucky film or the process

When: Our first event will be June 4, 2024. Location and details coming soon!


Writers, producers, directors present their pitch decks in front of audience & receive customized feedback from a panel of experienced pros everyone can learn from.

After pitches: Audience can ask panelists questions, followed by open networking. 

  • Writers, directors, producers or others submit interest here
  • We will reply and schedule presentations.
  • Everyone registers with a donation to attend. 
  • If selected, presenters  provide us with their graphic or pitch deck for use /projection at the event.
  • Each event starts with introductions.
  • Presenters give presentations within time limits in front of the audience and panel of pros. 
  • Pros will give feedback.
  • The floor will open for 20 minutes of feedback and questions for panelists from the audience once all presenters are done.
  • Open networking.

To be announced

PDF, or a link to a google or Canva or other presentation online. We do not have Power point available.

The panelists will vary for each event, but they are carefully vetted and selected to make sure they are in positions where they regularly take pitches or have the right experience to provide quality feedback.

All entertainment industry professionals and those who are curious to learn more about the industry or Kentucky creatives. We aim to provide a safe space and develop creative voices and especially encourage and hope for applications and participation from a diverse rainbow of ethnicities, backgrounds and gender identities. Discrimination against these or projects that perpetuate it will not be tolerated. While table read participants will be seated at panel tables, there will be seating for everyone else to watch, learn, give feedback and then participate in networking after.

No. While She Dreams focuses on female forward projects (which can still be written by men), these events are separate from our own productions and scripts can be anything that wouldn’t be considered propaganda, viewpoints disrespectful or bigoted toward specific communities or cultures, or excessively vulgar in content warranting an X rating. Our selection committee will use their best judgment to select scripts for the events.

Children under age 16 are not permitted to attend. All minors must have a guardian in attendance with them for the duration of the event and guardians must understand we will not censor content to be age appropriate. This is a development event for creative expression and some content may not be suitable for individuals under 18. It is up to the guardian’s discretion. 

Yes! We’d love for more people to know how talented Kentucky folks are.

We all have ideas, but they become great and more likely to be executed with feedback.

We also need others to be aware of our work and talent, and this is an opportunity to show off our skills.

Our industry and infrastructure will become stronger through stronger relationships and a dedication from everyone to learn and grow together.

Everyone must register, including presenters. Limited seating will be reserved for those who register. Those who don’t register will be asked to stand until event starts and will still asked to make a donation at the door.  

We ask all who attend these events to come with a growth mindset, willing to be supportive. We applaud people willing to jump in and do it messy, make mistakes and learn and grow together. Laugh through bumps together, offer support, clap wildly for each other. Constructive criticism is necessary to the creative process but we will not tolerate harassment, bullying or hateful communications. All feedback should be considered and worded to be supportive toward the creator’s goal

Be on time for introductions and be ready to tell us about yourself/project. 

Come with your presentation notes, and be prepared to take notes on feedback.

Bring tools to take notes.

Do not argue or be defensive to feedback. You don’t have to use it.

Be gracious and thank all talent or those who offer feedback.

Our Partners:

Kentucky’s Film and TV industry is Growing!

We all share a common goal – we want more work and projects in Kentucky, but we need a growth mindset and collaborative spirit to become competitive with other markets!

In a growth mindset, people believe current or basic abilities can be developed and improved through dedication, hard work and collaboration or feedback from others—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential.

 We want to attract more industry but especially want to see more Kentucky projects created. There is a gap here in educational opportunities related to story and project development that we hope to fill, but it will require all our individual folks dedicating themselves to develop their talents and continually learn.

Why we’re producing these events:

We want to see everyone reach their full potential and succeed! We agree with our partners that we must collaborate to develop and educate each other to create a strong community and infrastructure that will attract more industry, money and opportunities. With a collaborative and educational spirit,  we will combine our own story, development and producing skills with the expertise of other professionals and the support of our partners to produce a series of table reads, pitch sessions and other events meant to connect and develop the creative side of the Kentucky entertainment community.

Event RSVP links and additional information will be added soon!

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